Wednesday - February 13, 2008

Today was another great day but there were clouds in the sky and it wasn’t total sun all day like we have been having – anyone feel sorry for us!!

This is the week where they take reservations for next year and you can put in three choices for sites so John and I went around the park trying to decide where we might want to be next year, it is hard to know and of course you don’t know when you look at a site if the people on it are coming back next year. The woman at the office said the “No Pet” area was actually easier to move into as most people have pets, so we finally put down where we are as well as two other spots. We like where we are except we get a fair bit of road noise so thought if we could move farther back in the park we might not get the road noise. Anyways we will see what is happening next Monday, that is when they open it up to people not already in the park, so if we don’t get one of the other sites we picked we can probably see what else is available and pick one. I imagine this whole issue must be a real pain for the park unless most people want to have their same site again.

I talked to my mom this morning and her temperature is normal so hopefully she is on the road to recovery.

Other than that we had a quiet day, I went down to the pool and swam for about 45 minutes, it was really nice as by the time I got down there was only one other person in the pool. Dinner was leftovers so was an easy fix!

And so ends another great, but quiet day in our life or retirement and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

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